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World's Best Divers Play TTX at Formula One Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai
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World's Best Divers Play TTX at Formula One Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai

The world's best drivers taking on table tennis legend Wang Liqin!

The world's best Formula One drivers got the chance to play the newest form of table tennis TTX today against Chinese table tennis legend WANG Liqin before the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai, China.

 Fernando ALONSO, who drives for the team of McLaren Honda, Daniel RICCIRDO and Max VERSTAPPEN from Red Bull Racing, and Felipe MASSA who drives for Williams all tasted the new revolution of the sport.

Alonso, a double World Champion, also regarded as one of the greatest racers in the world, along with the other stars today enjoyed TTX as he smashed away some balls against Olympic Champion and Chinese table tennis legend WANG Liqin. This unique event, organized jointly by Formula One and the ITTF, was held at the Shanghai International Circuit in front of a huge audience and guests from international media.

Recalling the experience on playing TTX, Daniel RICCIRDO stated, "It was really cool playing against an Olympic Champion. I have never played table tennis like this with no rubber and heavier and bigger balls before. Made it a lot easier and more fun, especially on a windy day like today!"

For a Formula One fan WANG Liqin, it was thrilling to enjoy the game he loves the most in its cooler form, TTX.

"It was a big honor to play with the driver as I love Formula One. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it," said WANG Liqin 

TTX, launched at the eve of the start of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, is a cooler, youthful and fun version of table tennis. It is designed in a way that the sport can be played literally anywhere. It features a bigger and havier balls and simplified rackets with less spin, TTX is suitable for outside conditions.

Seamaster is TTX's exclusive commercial partner and is working along with the ITTF to develop the equipment and technology to bring TTX to the world. With the best racers in the world enjoying TTX the way it should be enjoyed, this fun version of table tennis is slowly drawing attention to all and is the game to be enjoyed anywhere and everywhere.

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